Artificial Intelligence-Based Diagnostic Clinic for Efficient Detection and Monitoring System for the Management of Rubber Diseases and Insect Pests

     This project deals with providing intervention in increasing rubber quality and production, addressing the issue of lack of efficient and effective surveillance, detection, clinic for rubber experts, and monitoring system of rubber diseases and insect pests through the development of artificial intelligence-based databases and online platform for information dissemination, diagnostic clinic, and monitoring system for the management for rubber diseases and insect pests.

     The development of an online database and platform for diagnostic clinics and monitoring systems is based on R&D needs, problems, and gaps identified by DOST, DA-PRRI, PCAF and TWG for the rubber diseases as an output of consultations and discussions in collaboration with SUCs, government, and private agencies. Thus, this proposal is timely and relevant.     

     This technology could have particular benefits to rubber farmers, associations, LGUs, SUCs, researchers, and other rubber stakeholders and could have a great impact from small to large-scale rubber stakeholders in the country.

    This project will be implemented in major rubber producing provinces in the country. After the project's completion, an artificial intelligence-based centralized database system and online platform for detection clinics, monitoring and information bulletin of rubber diseases and insects will be developed for the productivity of rubber industry in the country.

Project Components

Component 1
Surveillance and Profiling of Rubber Diseases and Insect Pest Using Aerial and Still Images in Major Rubber Growing Provinces in the Philippines (Dr. Jill D. Villanueva)
Component 2
Analysis and Development of Deep Learning Algorithm for Classification and Identification of Rubber Diseases and Insect Pests (Mr. Joseph C. Lorilla)
Component 3
Development of an Online Database Platform for Diagnostic Clinic and Monitoring System for Rubber Diseases and Insect Pests (Engr. Melecio A. Cordero Jr.)